Choose VUMERITY® first

  • Strong efficacy for patients starting or switching therapy
  • Well-understood safety profile
  • Flexibility of a treatment that can go everywhere they go
  • The efficacy of VUMERITY is based upon bioavailability studies comparing DMF to VUMERITY in patients with relapsing forms of MS and healthy subjects2
  • In Study 1 and Study 2 pivotal trials, DMF demonstrated a 53% and 44% relative reduction in annualized relapse rate (ARR) vs placebo, respectively (0.172 vs 0.364; P<0.0001), (0.224 vs 0.401; P<0.0001)2

VUMERITY offers your patients:

Efficacy and safety outcomes from a study of patients who switched to VUMERITY

Switching to VUMERITY

Real-world observations on persistence, discontinuations, and refill adherence

Real-World Study

Insights from a GI tolerability study vs dimethyl fumarate in patients with RRMS3

GI Tolerability Study

Coverage and Copay Program for eligible patients

Coverage and Access

There are many things to consider when helping your patients get started on therapy