Efficacy and safety data from Black/African American and Hispanic/Latin American patients1

Up to 5 years of real-world DMF treatment in patients with RMS

In the ESTEEM study,

92% reduction in ARR from baseline up to 5 years after DMF initiation in Black/AA and Hispanic/LA patients

ARR in the 12 months before and up to 5 years after DMF initiation

85% of Black/AA and Hispanic/LA patients had no relapses up to 5 years

Proportion of patients without MS relapses in the 5 years after DMF initiation

aKaplan-Meier analysis

Study was funded by Biogen.

The safety profile in these subgroups was consistent with the overall ESTEEM population

Most common AEs leading to DMF discontinuation

aAEs coded using Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities (MedDRA), System Organ Class (SOC), and Preferred Term (PT).

Percentages calculated based on total number of patients. A patient was counted only once in each MedDRA, SOC, or PT. AEs reported in >1 patient in either the Black/AA or Hispanic/LA subgroups are listed.

  • An AE leading to treatment discontinuation occurred in 39 (18%) Black/AA patients and 29 (28%) Hispanic/LA patients
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders were the most common reason for discontinuation in both subgroups

Study was funded by Biogen.

Patient baseline characteristicsa,b

aPatients could be included in >1 subgroup.

bPercentages are calculated using non-missing data as the denominator.

cEDSS assessment at enrollment.

Study was funded by Biogen.

Study was funded by Biogen.